"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a human."
April's Acre Equestrian Center

April's Acre

"There is something about the outside of a
horse that is good for the inside of a man."

     April is THE perfect instructor for my 2 young girls!  She loves kids and it's obvious because 

of the way she speaks to and interacts with them during their lessons.  Her barn is neat, simple, 

and NOT crowded!  Lessons are private and Dennis is the best horse around!  We LOVE April's Acre!!!

- Sabrina Scali

     If you are looking for a riding instructor and/or horse training, I highly recommend April.
1.  You will have her undivided attention during lesson.
2.  As a rider of any level, you will not only learn the correct way to ride but how to understand your horse and work in partnership. 
3.  She is extremely proficient in training, whether your horse needs extensive retraining or to add polish, and you will learn alongside her every step of the way.
4.  Her rates are very reasonable and she is prompt and reliable. She does not give cookie-cutter lessons, instead she treats every client as an individual based upon you and your horses needs and goals.
Personally, she has brought back my confidence, and has taught an OTTB auction horse who had no idea of any gaits other than gallop, how to be balanced and collected in middle gears (previously he had none!) and you can see his pride in himself when he moves now.

-Donna S. 

I am a 42 yr old woman who rode for years as a child.  After having kids I had a fear of horses.  After 25 years I decided I really want to get back into the saddle again.  I found April who is great and understanding of my fears.  I have been taking lessons 2/3 times a week for the past few months.  She has definitely brought my confidence back.  We are now trying to get my canter down!  I've been riding Dennis who is the sweetest horse ever.  April has a small immaculate barn which is great because she can really get to know her clients and their needs unlike the large barns where you are just another face and a money transaction.  I would recommend to anyone who wants to really learn by a great and caring woman to come to April's Acre.  You will not be disappointed!

-Lorri Bennett